Press In 18

Press In is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering hope, inspiration, and support for incarcerated individuals. Our team of volunteers, mental health professionals, counsellors, and artists, is committed to facilitating activities that promote personal growth, education, and emotional well-being among inmates. We have chosen Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison as the site for our latest initiative. […]

Press In 17

This is an opportunity to experience the transformative power of faith, mirroring the historical revival that swept through Wales. Through prayer, worship, and fellowship, we aim to create an environment that echoes the revival’s spirit, fostering spiritual growth and connection. Expect moments of reflection, powerful worship sessions, and teachings that draw parallels between the historic […]

Press In 15

“Back To Bethel” can be a synonym for Revival. A revival is a comeback, a resurrection, a resuscitation, a rejuvenation and a restoration of past glory. It is an awakening and a rebirth. It is a clarion call to repentance and re-dedication to God. This can be for an individual, a collective group of people […]

Press In 14

Press In 14 was held live In Jerusalem at the Pavilion Jerusalem where altars of worship and prayers are to precede and herald the second coming of Jesus. The Lion of the tribe of Judah, being one of His names is the only one worthy to open the scroll and the seven seals in the […]

Press In 12

Press In Again Live in Dubai was a time of awakening. It was God’s design to visit the Middle East with the outpouring of His Spirit and a time of refreshing. When we gather together from different walks of life, and are faced with different challenges, God can make it a paradox of seed planting […]